Ben Stickle

Ben Stickle

Assistant Professor
Middle Tennessee State University


Dr. Ben Stickle is Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Administration at Middle Tennessee State University and has been teaching criminal justice courses to college students and police officers since 2009. He holds a Bachelor of Art in Sociology from Cedarville University and a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Justice Administration from the University of Louisville. Ben has published in peer-reviewed journals on topics related to policing and crime prevention and recently authored a book, Metal Scrappers and Thieves: Scavenging for Survival and Profit, which focuses on metal thieves and techniques to prevent and investigate metal theft.


Ben is a two-time President of the Kentucky Peace Officers’ Association and Council member of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council (the governing body of Kentucky law enforcement). Serving in these capacities has allowed Ben the opportunity to approve curriculum and instructors related to criminal investigation for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Ben is a graduate of the National Forensic Academy (Session XXII) and is a Certified Crime Scene Analyst by the International Association of Identification, a certified Crime Scene Processor by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, and certified as a Bloodstain Pattern Analyst by the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts.


Ben has over twenty years’ experience in the criminal justice field including service as a private security officer, Sheriff’s Deputy, Advanced Police Officer, and Advanced Crime Scene Investigator. Ben has conducted extensive criminal investigations as a practitioner by identifying, documenting, collecting, examining, and interpreting physical evidence as well as interviewing or interrogating witnesses and suspects. With broad training and practical experience in criminal investigations (from the first officer on the scene through court testimony), Ben has a thorough understanding of criminal investigation process and forensic science.

Research interest:

Criminal Investigation, Property Crime, Environmental Criminology, Crime Prevention, and Policing