Editor Biography

Ahed Alkhatib

Ahed Alkhatib

Clinical Researcher
Faculty of Medicine
Jordan University of Science and technology
[email protected]


Dr. Ahed Alkhatib has finished his PhD from Cambell State University in 2011. I am currently working as a clinical researcher at faculty of medicine, Jordan University of Science and technology. Over the time, I have published more than 200 articles in various medical fields including neurosciences, pharmacology, and diabetes. My approaches in research include the involvement of philosophy of science in research which gives looking, and thinking in depth. I have developed several hypotheses in medicine such as the role of white matter in initiating diseases such as diabetes. In microbiology, I have demonstrated that prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells are similar in producing cell cycle proteins which can participate in autoimmunity diseases.

Research interest:

Ahed Alkhatib is interested in the fields of Setting medical hypotheses and writing book in different fields, of which two books have already been written and distributed in the world market. and also Neurology, Pharmacology, Philosophy of science, Tumor research, Behavioral biology and Emergency medicine

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