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Dimitrios Kanakis

Dimitrios Kanakis

Associate Professor
Department of Pathologist and Neuropathologist
University of Nicosia Medical School
[email protected]


Dr. med. Dimitrios Kanakis is specialized Pathologist and Neuropathologist, and holds currently the position of Associate Professor and Head of Pathology at the University of Nicosia Medical School. He teaches Pathology both in the 3rd-year of the MD Program as well as in the CS- and T-year of the MBBS Program of St. George’s University of London (delivered in Cyprus by the University of Nicosia Medical School). He has co-authored several original Research Articles and he is Reviewer in a number of International Peer-Reviewed Journals as well as Member of the Editorial Board of several Scientific Journals.  In addition, Dr. Kanakis has written four Book-Chapters. Three of them, namely the Chapters “CNS-neoplasms in adults: Diagnostic Algorithms, Histochemical, Immunohistochemical and Molecular Markers”, “Concise interpretation of useful data in the histological diagnosis of malignant CNS-Neoplasms” and “Summary of useful data of CNS-Neoplasms” were included in the 2nd [2012] and 3rd [2018] Edition of the Book “Guidelines for the Histological Diagnosis of Malignant Neoplasms” published by the Hellenic Society of Pathology. The fourth Book-Chapter “PTTG (Securin) as Cancer Biomarker” is part of the Book “Biomarkers in Cancer” (Springer Publishers; 2015). Finally, Dr. Kanakis is the Editor of the Book “Pituitary Adenoma: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment Options” (Nova Science Publishers; 2016).

Research interest:

Dr Kanakis’ fields of Research include Neuro-Oncology, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Demyelinating and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Traumatic Conditions of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System, and last but not least Psychiatric Disorders.

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