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Dražen Đuričić

Dražen Đuričić

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Zagreb


Dražen Đuričić is an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia. He is working at the same time as a professional veterinarian and as the lecturer at the FVM, University of Zagreb.  He is member of Editorial Board in  various  journal. He has about  158 scientific and professional  papers. His professional duties and responsibilities are diagnosis and treatment of internal and other diseases, samplings for the diagnostic purposes, surgical procedures, prophylactic measures and vaccinations of different animal species, reproduction of domestic animals (artificial insemination, reproduction management, embryo transfer in small ruminants, controlled reproduction), obstetrics assistance, perinatal care, rectal and/or ultrasound detection of pregnancy, diagnosis and treatment of infertility in domestic animals..

Research interest:

Reproduction of domestic and exotic animals

Climate changes and livestock production

Oxidative stress (ruminants and horses)

Mastitis, milk quality, dairy and small ruminants managment

 Intrauterine ozone treatment

 Animal production and nutrition

 Dietary zeolite (clinoptilolite) supplementation

 Cattle breeding, newborn care, small ruminats and horse breeding,

 Guinea pigs breeding, dairy science,

 Metabolic disorders of ruminants,

 Control of puerperal period in ruminants, physiology and pathology of camelids etc.

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