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Dr. Ashish Warghane

Dr. Ashish Warghane

Assistant Professor
Department of Life Sciences
Faculty of Biotechnology and Microbiology
[email protected]


He studied PhD  (Biotechnology) in SHUATS, Allahabad in the year of 2018.

He studied M.Sc.* (Biotechnology) in R.T.M. Nagpur University in the year of 2011.

He also worked as Principal of Molecular Biology, Mol. Plant Biotech., Mol. Plant Physiology, Plant disease management, Plant virology, Genome organization in higher plants,  IPR issues & Patenting, Sequence analysis & Data Mining, Database Management system, Computer, Research Methodology.

Working as a Assistant professor from 28thMarch 2019 to Till date at Department of Life Sciences, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur, Mhow- Neemuch By-pass Road, SH-31, Mandsaur- 458 001, M.P. India. Teaching post graduate and graduate student of Biotechnology and Microbiology.

The research paper entitled, “Development of sensitive diagnostics for citrus mosaic Badna virus based on SYBR green Real-time PCR” has been awarded First Prize for the Poster Presentation in National Symposium on “Sustainable Citrus Production: Way Forward” during 27-29, November, 2015 at ICAR- Central Citrus Research Centre for Citrus, Nagpur.

 Received award for Best Seminar topic from NACS College, Wardha, in 2007

Research interest:

Molecular detection and characterization of Citrus  tristeza  virus  and  ‘Candidatus  Liberibacter Casiaticus’ related with citrus decline in India” under  the esteemed guidance of Dr.  Dilip   Kumar   Ghosh, Principal Scientist, ICAR – Central Citrus Research Institute Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

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