Ryan Schwoebel

Ryan Schwoebel

Department of Criminal Justice
University of Alabama


Ryan Schwoebel has held a variety of roles within the field of law enforcement, at the local, state and federal levels.  Ryan has worked as a deputy sheriff, police officer, park ranger, training officer, firearms instructor, crime scene investigator and federal agent (Naval Criminal Investigative Service in Norfolk, VA).  Ryan has investigated thousands of criminal cases, ranging from crimes against property, crimes against persons, homicide, fraud and financial crimes, rape and sexual crimes, and crime scene processing.

Currently, Ryan is an Anti-money Laundering Officer for a Fortune 1000 insurance/investment company.  He teaches as adjunct faculty for the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Troy University (teaching classes related to investigation, homicide, policing, homeland security and private security).  Ryan is also a volunteer with the AARP’s Fraud Watch Network, speaking live to local news about fraud prevention and awareness of scams targeting the area.   Ryan previously served as a volunteer with the local Rape Response center, training law enforcement officers in proper techniques for interviewing victims of sexual crimes.  He holds a master’s degree in criminal justice from UAB and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Montevallo.  He has undergone relevant training at the AL Law Enforcement Academy Tuscaloosa, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and NCIS Academy.

Research interest:

Criminal investigation; Crime scene investigation; Sex crimes investigations; Homicide investigation; Forensic accounting; Homeland security and terrorism.