Giuseppe Blaiotta

Giuseppe Blaiotta

Agricultural Microbiology
University of Naples Federico II


Dr. Giuseppe Blaiotta is Professor, Agricultural Microbiology department at University of Naples Federico II, Italy. He completed PhD in Food Science and Technology (XV cycle), he works as Researcher in Agricultural Microbiology (AGR 16), he works as 2015 -today: Associate Professor Agricultural Microbiology (AGR 16). He published more than 79 papers.

Research interest:

Dr. Giuseppe Blaiotta is interested in the fields of fermented food and beverages, Agricultural Microbiology, quality and microbiological safety of food production, microbiological and technological aspects of buffalo milk processing, cow and goat and their derivatives (mozzarella, cheese, cacioricotta, etc.), of meat sausages, of bakery products; detection using molecular methods of pathogenic microorganisms in food products; study of the behaviour of pathogenic microorganisms during the food production and optimization of the control methods; Biotechnology starter and protective cultures: technological characteristics, selection and use of lactic acid bacteria and Micrococcaceae in dairy and fermented meat products; molecular typing of lactic acid bacteria and Micrococcaceae. Isolation, identification and bio-typing (molecular and technological) of yeast and lactic acid bacteria "terroir" to constitute indigenous starter cultures able to respect the authenticity, quality and security of the southern Italian wines.