Abd El Aziz Nour

Abd El Aziz Nour

Department of Animal and Fish Production
Alexandria University


Professor Abd El Aziz Nour holds a PhD (1976) from Alexandria University in rumen microbiology. He was appointed as Lecturer (1976-1981), Associate Professor (1981-1986), Professor (1986-2007), Head of the Department of Animal and Fish Production (1999-2002) and Emeritus professor (2007 till now) in Alexandria University. He pursues a broad range of research interests that include rumen microbiology, biotechnology, non protein nitrogen and by- products utilization in ruminant feeds and feeding, fresh/marine water fish and shrimp culture, water quality, intensive fish farming, biofloc technology, aquatic microalgae production for filter feeding fish nutrition and biofuel production He has guided more than 100 Post Graduate students in various disciplines of Animal and Fish Nutrition. As recognized leader in his field, he has authored over 230 scientific publications in highly reputed national and international journals and conferences.

Research interest:

Agro-industrial by products in animal and fish nutrition; Rumen microbiology; Metabolism; Physiology; Micro-algae production and Intensive aquaculture.