Journal of Cancer Sciences and Oncology Researches Editorial Panel

Name University Country Action
Abdel-Hai Benali University of El Oued Algeria View more
Gaurav Mehta Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey USA View more
Dimitrios Kanakis University of Nicosia Cyprus View more
Abiola Ibraheem Lagos State University Nigeria View more
Khalid Abdel Aziz Mowafy Mansoura University Egypt View more
Leabaneng Tawe University of Botswana Botswana View more
Marianela Vara-Messler University of Turin Italy View more
Adoke Kasimu Umar Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Nigeria View more
Bing Yan Hainan Hospital of PLA General Hospital China View more
Catherine Forconi University of Massachusetts Medical School USA View more
Mohammad Chand Jamali Khawarizmi International College UAE View more

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