Editorial Panel

Journal of Microbes and Microbiology Techniques Editorial Panel

Name University Country Action
Tania Rahman University of Dhaka Bangladesh View more
Refat Sadeq Port said University Egypt View more
El Hadji Seydou Mbaye Aristide Le Dantec Hospital Senegal View more
Suresh V Madathilparambil University of Michigan USA View more
Dr. Ashish Warghane University of Mandsaur India View more
Prof. Anil Kumar Batta Baba Farid University of Health Sciences India View more
Dr. Prasad Andhare Charotar University of Science India View more
James Patrick Chambers University of Texas at San Antonio USA View more
Jianxun Song The Pennsylvania State University USA View more
Shalu Sharma Kharkwal Albert Einstein College of Medicine USA View more
Alok Upadhyay Rutgers New Jersey Medical School USA View more
Ahmed Morad Asaad Zagazig University Egypt View more
Mahendra Pal Addis Ababa University India View more
AC Matin Stanford University USA View more
Mohamed Nasr FS Environmental Research Division Egypt View more
Mady Ahmed Ismail Assiut University Mycoloical Centre Egypt View more
Tuba DAL Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University Turkey View more
Giuseppe Blaiotta University of Naples Federico II Italy View more
Najdenski, Hristo Miladinov The Stephan Angeloff Institute of Microbiology Bulgaria View more
Idress Hamad Attitalla Omar Al-Mukhatr University Libya View more
Maulin P Shah Head-Industrial Waste Water Research Lab, Enviro Technology Limited India View more

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