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Fingerprint Geometric Analysis

Andres J Washington*

Fingerprint Geometric Analysis, USA

*Corresponding Author: 
Andres J Washington
  Fingerprint Geometric Analysis
  New York, USA,
  Tel: 9149603526
  E-mail: [email protected]

Received: May 20, 2017; Published: September 18, 2017

Citation: Andres J Washington (2017) Fingerprint Geometric Analysis. J Forensic crime investi 1(1): 102

I present a geometric formula designed to coordinate the capability among individuals. This concept incorporates the Primary Classification in the Henry System of Fingerprint Classification and Filing and assembles a working team based on this system.

To accomplish this numerical values are assigned to the ten digits as seen below

In this way, the Primary Classification of an individual can be computed. This classification is then located on the following Multi-Sequential Primary Classification Chart:

Consider the Primary Classification of Dr. Albert Einstein. According to the above computation Dr. Einstein had a Primary Classification of 8/16 (8 over 16).

It can be noted that 8 over 16 includes 8 over 16, 25 over 25 and 25 over 1. The included Primary Classifications are classifications that compliment 8 over 16 in that it takes the three classifications to create the geometric display which represents 8 over 16. A complete description of this concept can be found at Dermatoglyphics or Medcrave [1,2]. Also see Commentary and Review on Sacred Geometry at Annex Publishers [3].

One must also consider the degree of time and financial commitment available. This is important to consider due to the demanding intensity and costs associated with graduate training programs followed by a significant time commitment needed for reviewing and preparing for legal cases. In addition, one must consider the degree of patience and stress one can handle given the flexibility of court scheduling and degree of paperwork required to review prior to a trial (Blau, 1998) [3].

How to determine which Primary Classifications are included

In this case our Primary Classification is 8 over 16 and this code is located 8 positions across and 16 positions down according to the original Primary Classification Sequence. However, the original sequence has been arranged into a diagonal reverse. This is what is seen when looking at the Multi-Sequential Primary Classification Chart. When looking at the Multi-Sequential Chart, 25 over 25 appear in the position of 8 across and 16 down. And when looking 25 across and 25 down on the Multi-Sequential Chart, the classification of 25 over 1 appears in that position. Notwithstanding, 8 over 16 is located where it appears on the Multi-Sequential Primary Classification Chart. To this effect, the three positions provide a geometric display for further analysis. I must also mention that only digits which maintain whorl type patterns are to be assigned a numerical value in the Primary Classification and the added values of the right hand digits + 1 is the numerator while the added values of the left hand digits + 1 is the denominator.


A selection should be made of an outstanding individual. Determine the subjects Primary Classification using the aforementioned computation. Apply the classification to the above chart to discover which classifications are included and establish a working team from the people who maintain the included classifications. Give this team an assignment to work together on and look to see how they are capable in that endeavor.

Be assured, this method will provide a successful outcome!

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