Reviewer Guidelines

SI Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewers are the key responsible person who takes the article in different form for the publishing of the article. Reviewers are selected by the Editors who have a deep knowledge in their respective subjects. Mostly Editors are selected based on the research area of the article submitted to the Bio accent open access publishing group. Reviewers are the sole responsible for checking the authenticity of the submitted article through their peer-review process.

Reviewers check the quality and accuracy of the work done by the authors. Reviewers have to submit the review comments online in order to fasten the publication process and make the available content available online immediately. Reviewer aims to submit the review report in time to fasten the publication process.

Reviews of manuscripts should follow these guidelines:

Reviewer should provide written comments and unbiased feedback.
If a reviewer accepts to review the manuscript then the reviewer should send the acceptance letter to the Editor.
Reviewer should send the review comments within the provided time frame.
If the assigned manuscript doesn't meet the quality of work to be published than the same has to be informed to the Editor.
Reviewer should contact the Editor in case for the clarity of data's, figures, tables or contents.
Ensure content accuracy, and clarity with resounding domain authority.
Avoid personal & financial conflicts.
Maintain confidentiality and transparency.
Reviewer shouldinform Editor in case if there is delay in reviewing the manuscript.
Follow the instructions sent by the editors.
Recommendthe ways to improve and enhance the author's write-up.
Adhere and uphold ethical reviewing practices: Confidentiality, Competency, Impartiality and Integrity of the manuscript.

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